The Canon 15Mm Fisheye Lens Review


The Tokina Fisheye Zoom is a “Diagonal” full frame fisheye lens by having an angle of view of 180 * c. The focal length of the Tokina goes from 10 to 17mm having a maximum aperture of f/3.5 at the lower end with the zoom range and a maximum aperture of f/4.5 at positive aspects end.

The inner-most lens element is answerable for the fine focus and resides directly in front of the CCD. Indicates press the shutter button half way down to focus, are moves forwards and backwards till it’s in the appropriate position and your image is at focus. You’ll not be messing with are of the lens. unless you feel like removing the lens off of the camera and then tearing to the lens to get at it’s ‘guts’. It’s kinda fun the first time, but uh. I wish you luck getting it back together properly. The tearing apart stuff is fun, the putting it back together is a drag!

This is a complex subject, so I can’t go into too much detail proper here. If you need more help, extremely best person to speak to could well your local camera store’s resident veteran.

The Pinhole / Zone Plate Optic is a good time! Imagine shooting at f/177 with the Pinhole in place, the total world is either focus yet soft and dreamy just too. Tilting the lens has little effect using a image. The Zone Plate on the other hand is centered on f/17 so tilts do change find out what of pay attention. In addition the Zone Plate effect treats light like ripples from a pond; point light sources will show rings of alternating light and dark around the central illumination source.

Ok, how are we feeling about lenses? I think we have covered back links the basic problems, and possible solutions. If you want shop for a lens for your camera there are a few ways of doing it incorporate calling the manufacturer; on the other hand will want $125+ for that lens, secured.

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