The Unique Features of the Oppo F11 Pro


Equipped with good specifications and impressive features, the OPPO F11 Pro is a right choice which is easily available at an affordable starting price of Rs 2499. The phone features a slide-out keyboard which is extremely convenient and provides a comfortable hold on the device. The OPPO F11 Pro is a small and sleek handset which has a large display and comes loaded with plenty of memory. It is equipped with many innovative features that provide a lot of fun and keep one busy even throughout long hours of work. The OPPO F11 Pro is powered by the quad-core processor which allows the phone to perform fast even when the CPU is under load.

One of the main selling points of this handset is its exceptional picture quality, thanks to the powerful Adreno processor. The OPPO F11 Pro also comes with a nice wallpaper called ottoman. The OPPO F11 Pro has a nice dual tone screen which is easily accessible for use and looks very bright and crisp.

The Oppo F11 Pro can be purchased directly from the official store or from online retailers which stock this device. The two variants are available in the markets namely, the first one is the standard version which comes with a memory of 16GB and another variant which is the ultra version which has a memory of 1GB. The regular one has been available from all major mobile network service providers like Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and a lot more. But the ultra variant which was recently launched by OPPO has caught all attention because it carries twice the amount of memory. In fact, the OPPO F11 Pro has the capacity to support the software installed on it which enables the user to experience a flawless and speedy data sharing experience.

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The physical size of the Oppo F11 Pro is quite big when compared with other mobiles like the iPhone and the HTC Desire. It measures in at 150×6.5 inches and looks sleek and stylish. The screen which is covered by the curved screen cover is quite large too. However, the biggest feature of this handset is its large memory card which offers an impressive amount of space which can be accessed through pop-up windows. Moreover, the high definition camera with image stabilization enables the user to take clear pictures even in low lighting conditions. oppo f11 pro

The Oppo F11 Pro has all the features that you would expect from a high-end smartphone like high definition camera, vibrate alert, microSD card, fast internet access, professional video recording facility and lots more. All the major cell phone brands like the Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson have launched phones that run on Windows mobile platform. On the other hand, the Oppo F11 Pro is a unique device as it does not look like any other Windows Phones. It has been designed to run on Windows Vista. If you are wondering what makes the Oppo F11 Pro stand out from the crowd, then you will have to understand the unique bezel-less display and the two hardware buttons which are located in the upper left corner of the phone.

The Oppo F11 Pro comes with a 2.3 megapixel camera with auto focus as well as a Windows version of Windows Mobile 7.5. This phone comes with a neat leather case which makes it stylish and attractive to use. The dual SIM card holder also facilitates two different calls with dedicated calls. The fingerprint sensor enables the users to unlock the phone using fingerprints or pass codes. The unique characteristic of the Oppo F11 Pro is that it has a standard sized home button and a larger center button and this allows for smooth and easy operation of the gadget.

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